My Love is Like a Red Red Rose

O My Luve’s Like a Red, Red Rose

        Robert Burns

O my Luve’s like a red, red rose

That’s newly sprung in June: 

O my Luve’s like the melodie

That’s sweetly play’d in tune! 

As fair thou art, my bonnie lass,

So deep in love am I: 

And will love the still, my dear, 

Till a’the seas gang dry: 

Till a’the seas gang dry, my dear, 

And the rocks melt with the sun;

I will luve thee still my dear, 

When the sands of life shall run.

And dare thee weel, my only Luve, 

And fare thee weel a while! 

And I will come again, my Luve, 

Tho’ it were ten thousand mile

Robert Burns, the national poet of Scotland, was one of the pioneers of the ‘Romantic Movement’  that was originated in Europe toward the end of the 18th century.He  has preserved more than 300 Scottish song for the ‘Scottish Musical Museum’. ‘O my luve’s like a red red rose’ is one of them.

This is the first romantic poem of my life. During my teenage, I only took only the ‘romanticism’ of the poem. Afterwards, I understood the meaning, the responsibility and the width. Now I do realize, there is ‘liberalism’ part of it. The poem gives me a sense of love, freedom and togetherness. 


Is Animal Testing Necessary?

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The term ‘Animal Testing’ refers to the experiments that involve living animals. According to the Encyclopædia Britannica (2011), ‘vivisection’ is the operation on a living animal for experimental rather than healing purposes; more broadly, all experimentation on live animals. Since the word implies torture, suffering and death, it is preferred by the philosophers who oppose […]

An Impressive book on Business Process Improvement

The Lean Six Sigma Pocket Toolbook: A Quick Reference Guide to Nearly 100 tools for Improving Process Quality, Speed and Complexity (Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional)

For the last couple of weeks, I was trying to read something on creative thinking in business process. After going through the first 30 pages, I feel that I got some food for thought. Thanks to google, it has shared the pages free. 

The DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) methods is used in most of our business in an unstructured way. Since all the steps of DMAIC are not followed or some of the steps are skipped during the implementation, most of business process are not the successful ones. Applying DMAIC is expensive and time consuming. Understanding the expenses and time, the process can be applied in the following situation: 

 A) The Problem is complex 

B) The solution risks are high 

For most projects, it is risky to skip the DMAIC steps. But if you have the answers to the following questions, you can easily skip some steps: 

  1. What data do I have to show that this idea is the best possible solution 
  2. How do I know that the solution will really solve the targeted problem
  3. What are possible risks for implementing the idea 

Define: The purpose of this step is to have the team and its sponsor reach agreement on the scope, goals and financial and performance targets of the project. To start with define the following steps are to be followed:  

 Review project charter
  1. Validate Problem Statement and goals 
  2. Validate financial benefits 
  3. Create/ Validate process maps and scope 
  4. Create communication plan 
  5. Develop project plans ( schedule, budget, milestones)
  6. Complete the define gate review 

The gate review checklist for ‘define’ includes the following: 

 An updated project charter ( Problem statement, key stakeholders, business impact, goal statement, verification of project scope, high-level project plan, team members)
  1. Documentation 
  2. High level process map 
  3. Detailed project management plan 

Measure: The purpose of this step is to thoroughly understand the current state of the process and collect reliable data on process speed, quality and cost that will be used to expose the underlying causes of the problem. The steps of measure are: 

  1. Create/Validate a value stream map to confirm current process flow 
  2. Identify the input, output and other project variables 
  3. Create a data collection plan 
  4. Create a data analysis plan 
  5. Use measurement system analysis 
  6. Collect data to establish baseline 
  7. Update value stream map
  8. Use laws and policies to identify the lead time 
  9. Perform project evaluation 
  10. Prepare for measure gate review 

The ‘gate review’ checklist for ‘measure’ includes the following: 

  1. Detailed value stream maps 
  2. Data and matrix 
  3. Capability analysis 
  4. Updated project charter and plan 
  5. Quick Improvements 

Analyze: The purpose of this step is to pinpoint and verify causes affecting the key input and output variables tied to project goals. The key steps are :

  1. Conduct value analysis 
  2. Calculate project efficiency 
  3. Analyze the project flow 
  4. Analyze data collected in ‘Measure’
  5.  Generate theories and explain potential causes 
  6. Narrow the search 
  7. Collect additional data to verify root causes 
  8. Prepare for analyze gate review 

The ‘gate review’ checklist for ‘analyze’ includes the following: 

  1. Process analysis 
  2. Root-Cause analysis 
  3. Updated charter and project plans 

Improve: The purpose of this step is to learn from pilots of the selected solution(s)and execute full-scale implementation.  The key steps of improve are : 

  1. Develop potential solution ( by using effective cause-and-effect relationship)
  2. Evaluate, select and optimize best solution 
  3. Develop ‘to be’ value stream map 
  4. Develop and implement pilot project 
  5. Confirm attainment of project goals 
  6. Develop and execute full-scale implementation plan 
  7. Prepare and Improve gate review 

The ‘gate review’ checklist for ‘Improve’ includes the following: 

  1. Solution Development and Selection ( with proper documentation) 
  2. Pilot testing ( documentation of the redesigned process)
  3. Full scale implementation ( with documentation of plans, risk management plans, plans for addressing regulatory requirements, documentation of results)
  4. Updates charter and project plans 

Control: Finally, the purpose of ‘Control’ is to complete project work and hand off improve process owner, with procedures of maintaining the gains. Key steps in ‘Control’ are : 

  1. Develop supportive methods and documentation 
  2. Lunch Implementation 
  3. Lock in performance gain 
  4. Monitor Implementation 
  5. Develop Process control plans and hand off control to process owner 
  6. Audit the result 
  7. Finalize report 
  8. Validate performance and Financial results 

The ‘gate review’ checklist for ‘Control’ includes the following: 

  1. Full-scale implementation results ( data charts and process control plans) 
  2. Documentation and measure for sustainability 
  3. Evidence of buy-in, sharing and celebrating  

Training on: Earning by using the Internet

A Training is being arranged by the Access to Information Programme under the Prime Minister’s Office for college students. Simultaneously, all the DC offices across the country started focusing on online jobs and outsourcing and arranging trainings for students studying in different colleges. The main criteria for the training is: the student must have a computer with internet connection. The objective is to enter the global online job market and therefore increase GDP.

Worldwide, a tremendous transition on IT jobs from OECD countries to the developing countries is going on. Countries like the Philippines and India has successfully captured the job market and eventually the data centers from the developed countries have been shifted to the Developing Countries. However, the existing load is beyond the capacity of the above mentioned countries and Bangladesh is expected to capture the IT labor market.

The programme targets the college students to be the pioneer in IT related online jobs. A series of training is being arranged all over the country. The policy makers of the country are trying to communicate with ‘’ so that the citizen can have a smooth transaction of money.

My observations: targeting students studying at colleges may hamper their studies. All of us are aware that the two years in HSC education determines the future of a person. Students should devote themselves in study to fight for the admission tests for entering in different universities. It the university level students were targeted, the endeavor will result in more interests and eventually they can earn more resources.

A Sudden Rain…..

The morning was gloomy, then it started……….down in the meadows… over the sky. It was not a rainy season, not the people were expecting for a heavy shower, but it rained. I was stuck in my busy schedule while everything became darker. Suddenly I realized, it’s not the time for work . Rushing to the window…I was wondered … the sky was amazingly black. Down in rods, the cars and buses running with their headlights turned on. It is hardly possible to see things  within 2 feet. More the sky get dark, more I had the feeling of loneliness.. like a deserted island in the see. I started missing my man… I called him… things were exactly the same at the opposite side. I had a feeling to leave my workplace  and have a hot coffee with him. And he was longing  for a long-drive…